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„Augsburg water city“ - a musical sightseeing tour

Augsburg was selected „water city“ by UNESCO world heritage. Being an Augsburg citizen by birth and a musician it was reason enough for me to organize a „water music tour“ for locals and visitors.

Historic water economy & original water stories

You will discover interesting stories about „Augsburg‘s water management system“ and funny water anecdotes.

Sing along with Elvis und others ...

Boogie and popular ballades and a common open air concert about the theme „water“.

Comfortable from one place to another

You can undertake my citytour by bicycle, public transport (bus / tram) or bus. Even alone by taxi / E-Scooter with CD player.

„Gustl Mair“ - your tourguide
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Wasser city tour - outdoor or indoor

Select the „Musical world heritage“-tour also in Restaurants, offices or private rooms - and enjoy „water stories“, live music and picture projection.

„Water city“-tour
as an Indoor event.
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Musical sightseeing tour
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